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BoRSS1 - Chapter 7 (Part 2)

(...and we're back!)

After another frantic dodge, Sailor Rainbow found herself wondering where the others had gone. Did Lita run for cover somewhere? Is she somewhere safe now? Last thing she needs to be unlucky enough to get a laser shot at her or something.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could finally see Lita standing a short distance away, holding something in one hand.

What's she got there? Lydia wondered, trying to move closer. Did she find something?

Before she could get too close, however, another attack came at her. This wasn't like what the robot had been doing, though. This attack looked strangely like large rings of odd paper charms, threaded together with red strands of energy. Whoever it was, they didn't count Rainbow as an ally.

"No lucky charms here," Lydia commented bitterly, hitting the ground and rolling out of the way. The charm-rings buzzed past her harmlessly, managing to graze the robot-monster. When Lydia stood up again, Lita had vanished, and a new sailor had joined the battle.

Another one of us, eh? Which one could she be, now...?


Meanwhile, the girls watched as the monster let out a howl of pain, stumbling back a bit. Where had that attack come from?

"Now, while he's stunned," Luna urged.

Before they could act, however, the creature recovered, standing tall and heading in their direction once more. If anything, being hit had made him more enraged. He swung with both arms, and the girls quickly moved out of his way.

"So much for that," Jupiter muttered. "Fine, then, we'll just stun him again. I call upon the forces of Jupiter!" She took aim, standing firm. "Supreme Thunder, Crash!"

A large lightning bolt emerged from the sky, zooming straight for the robot-monster and and quickly sparking his body. Damaged, the monster let out another roar of pain, barely able to speak. " circuits..."

"I have an idea," Sailor Rainbow offered, holding up the red crystal and focusing on the large red stone in the center of the monster's body. "Let's see what you can do, little trinket. Maybe a little color-matching will help. Rainbow Red Streak!"

The crystal began glowing, creating a large red laser. Rainbow held it towards her enemy, and the laser connected with the matching stone. However, instead of doing any good, the monster let out more cries of pain as its body-crystal took damage and cracked.

"You're only hurting him more!" Sailor Moon cried out. "Oh, Luna, what do we do? If we keep this up..."

"You have to heal him, Sailor Moon," Luna directed, quickly turning another backflip and creating another wand. This one appeared directly in Moon's hands, a pink handle topped with a large gold crescent moon. "With this wand, you can change him back into the person he once was. Say the words "Moon Healing Activation" and break the spell."

Sailor Moon nodded, turning back to Rainbow--who still held her crystal, continuing to point it directly at the enemy. "Back off," Moon stated, holding up her new wand. "He's hurt enough, I can do this."

"What if he tries attacking again?" Rainbow asked, reluctant to step back.

"You heard her, stand down," Jupiter said. "Take the chance now, while you can."

Sailor Moon faced her target, letting the wand guide her arm in a circle, carefully reciting the words Luna had told her. The others watched as a ring of light appeared, looping around the enemy. After a moment, his body was enveloped in bright gold light, and when it faded, a rather roughed-up Joe was sprawled on the ground.

"Now you know what you must do," Luna said. "That wand will be a valuable weapon in the fights to come."

Jupiter came over to where they stood, glancing at the wand. "So he'll be okay, right?" she asked. "Thanks to that thing?"

"Thanks to you as well," Luna said, smiling up at her. "You will be a very helpful ally, Sailor Jupiter."

"Thanks, Luna," Jupiter nodded. "I'm willing to help take down some evil. Glad to hear you say I'm helpful."

"Hey now, what about me?" Rainbow asked, walking over as well. "Shouldn't we all get credit where credit's due?"

Moon and Jupiter exchanged a glance, as if they were trying to decide on how delicately they should answer. Ultimately, it was Jupiter who replied.

"Besides the laser, I saw you cowering on the ground for most of this," she said. "Did you throw that ring-thing?"

So she saw it as well? "I actually was wondering who threw that," Rainbow answered. "I thought they were aiming for me!"

"If you didn't throw it, who did?" Jupiter asked.

"I told yeh, I have no idea who--"

Moon stepped in at this point, hoping to avoid further debate. "For now, shouldn't we be thankful for a little extra help and the fact we were able to heal him? We're all scouts, we should be trying to work together instead of fighting with each other! Right?"

After a tense moment of silence, Jupiter nodded, holding out her hand to Rainbow. "She's right, we should be allies. Shake and make friends?"

Rainbow thought a bit, then offered her own hand. "Right then. Friends and allies. I suppose I should be off, then, I'm done here. Until the next round!"

She ran off into the night, vanishing around a corner. The others watched her leave.

"I've never seen her before, but she still seems so familiar," Moon said. "I wonder who she is."

From somewhere nearby, a strange voice called to her. "Be on your guard around the one in rainbow," it said, prompting Moon to look around. There was someone standing on the rooftop overlooking their position, just close enough for her to make out an odd uniform and long flowing hair.

"Who are you?" Moon asked, as Jupiter took up a protective stance in front of her.

After a pause, the figure continued. "Consider me a watching guardian." Her voice was certainly female. "The rainbow one has her own set of goals, and will stop at nothing to make her dreams come true. The more you make contact with her, the more likely she will turn on you. Stay close to your guardians, Sailor Moon, and be wary of her catching you alone."

The figure turned to leave at this point, and a pair of wings flared up on her back. Fire wings. Moon couldn't believe her eyes. Who was this person?

Jupiter watched for a moment as the figure left the rooftop, then gently prodded Moon in the back. "Should we get going?" she asked. "Before people show up?"

"Oh!" Moon turned around, glancing at her companions. "Oh, we probably should. Besides, we should get home. I haven't had dinner yet!"

"I'm willing to make us both dinner, if you want," Jupiter offered, smiling. "I should probably learn more about this whole scout thing, anyway."

"Oh, that sounds wonderful!" Moon squealed. "Thank you so much!"

Before she could leave, however, Moon took one last glance at the rooftop. I wonder where all these new people keep coming from. That guardian, though...she seems so dramatic, so elegant. Is she an ally, too? And those wings...


Tori climbed down the ladder on the side of the building, back in her civilian disguise. "For now, the rainbow one doesn't seem too bad," she sighed, landing safely on the ground and stretching a bit. "It was pretty exciting to watch Mako-chan transform for the first time, though. They really did pick up their powers quickly."

"Don't relax just yet," Keine said, riding on her friend's shoulder and nuzzling close. "It's still early, and we still don't know just how awful this rainbow newcomer could be."

"Should we follow her more, or trail the others for now?"

"I admit, all the talk of food..."

"Are you suggesting we invite ourselves along? And you lecture me on manners!"

"It's not that, but I wonder if we should make sure they get to Mako-chan's place safely."

Tori sighed again, walking off in the first direction she could think of. "Maybe if we can catch them before they get inside and they offer," she said. "If not, we go back to the shrine and find something there. Deal?"

"That works," Keine said. "Her apartment should be in the same place here, right?"

"Everything else seems to be so far," Tori answered. "Let's go. I think I even have a cover story for us."
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