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BoRSS1 - Chapter 8 (Part 1)

Title: BoRSS1 - Chapter 8
Author: virgo186
Beta: See previous entries :)
Rating: Hasn't changed yet, still PG-13. Blame dub.
Genre: Magical girl crossover spitefic shenanigans~
Notes/Warnings: Still don't own anyone. At all.
Summary: Nothing says fun plans like a sailor huddle at the shrine. Say, Luna, what's the deal with these crystals anyway...?

"Ooooo, I'm sure I failed again," Serena whined, as the group emerged from school for the day. "I can't bring home another failing grade, at this point I'll probably end up grounded until I'm an old woman or something!"

"Are these class lectures always so long?" Lydia asked, walking beside her. "I'm sure I didn't catch everything. How do yeh handle it?"

"They don't do lectures where you're from?" Lita sounded surprised. "Your schools must be great."

As usual, Tori trailed slightly behind, keeping a very close eye on things. Something about Lydia just seemed very strange. Was it the fact she rarely talked about her life back where she came from, or was it that she never mentioned family? The girl did love to talk, apparently no longer shy after her first day, though for now it seemed more like complaints. What did she expect school to be like, a party?

"All I'm sayin' is that school should be a little more fun," Lydia stated. "Who can learn anything if the teachers just drone on and on? They put the whole class to sleep, then what? Class full of students that can't learn anything because they're asleep! No point there."

Not everyone sleeps through class, Tori thought. She'd never get away with it if Keine was her teacher. Come to think of it, neither would Usagi...or Serena. Never going to get the hang of the name changes, I swear.

"C'mon, Amy, we're waiting for you, hurry up," Serena moaned, turning around and staring at the school doors.

"Are we going back to that arcade place again today?" Lydia asked. "I admit, I'm willing to learn those games now, they did look like fun."

Lita glanced at Serena, still watching the doors, and wondered how to answer this one. The girls did have plans...just not including Lydia. How could they, when this was going to be a private meeting for business? Even Lita wasn't sure what would be discussed, only that it was important. There had to be a tactful way of explaining that they had something to do that didn't include her.

I don't even know. "Hey, Serena?" Lita asked. "Did we have anything we needed to do before that appointment?"

"Appointment?" Serena turned around, confused. "What appointment?"

Lita glanced at Tori and nodded. Maybe a code will work.

"Oh, that appointment you have today, with your doctor," Tori added quickly. "Remember, Serena? You've been worried about it all day."

Lydia frowned. "Oh, that's a shame. Hopefully nothing's wrong with yeh, Serena."

At that moment, just as Serena opened her mouth, the doors swung open to reveal Amy. She looked around for a moment before spotting the others, and made her way over. "I'm sorry for being late," she said. "We should be going."

"To that appointment Serena has," Tori added softly, quickly nodding to Amy before facing Lydia again. "We'll see you tomorrow, maybe."

"Well, what about all the rest of ye?" Lydia asked. "Are ye all going with her?"

Oh dear. That was a question they should have expected. "We're going for moral support," Lita answered. "Sure, we can't be right in the room with her, but she'll know we're waiting for her, right, guys?"

"And we can make sure she gets home safely after," Amy added.

Unnoticed, two cats approached the group from behind, watching the scene unfold. What was holding the girls up?

"I don't have anything going on, if yeh want an extra person, Serena," Lydia offered. "Hey, if yeh wanted, maybe there'd be food afterward! That always cheers me up after a meeting with the doctor, it'd probably do yeh some good as well."

Luna, watching closely, sighed and turned to her kitty companion. "Did she just invite herself to this meeting?" she asked softly. "Oh, girls. Time is passing, we have to move on."

Keine had no reply, simply staring and forming an idea in her mind. Perhaps she could break up this conflict herself...

"O-oh, if too many people show up, I might get in trouble," Serena protested. "Really, you don't have to."

"Maybe I can give you a lucky charm to get yeh through, then?" Lydia said, reaching for her locket. "It's not much, and I wish I had a real clover for yeh, but--"

The locket was quickly swiped from her hand, and Lydia took a moment before she realized that it wasn't being held by one of the other girls. Instead, a light-colored cat stood a short distance away, the locket in its mouth.

"Oh, that cat!" Lydia yelled. "It snatched the locket right from me hand! Quite a trick, kitty, now can yeh give it back?"

In reply, the cat simply flicked her tail, turned, and bolted away, still holding the locket.

"No, kitty, bring that back!" Lydia called. "Oh, good luck, I have to catch that cat. See all of ye tomorrow. Come back, kitty!"

With that, she fled the scene, and the others watched a moment longer before leaving as well.


By the time the remaining four girls reached the shrine, Serena had learned the true story behind the "appointment" the others had mentioned. "So you came up with that right there?" she asked. "I thought you guys had actually signed me up to see the doctor! Next time, warn me before you do that, I was so scared!"

"At least you're not actually going," Amy said. "I admit, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into, either."

"Wonder where that cat came from, anyway," Lita said. "Think it's a stray?"

Tori smiled. "That was my cat, actually. I guess she wanted to help us get going."

"You have a cat, too?" Lita asked, looking over at Serena for a moment. Sure enough, Luna had caught up to her, riding on the girl's shoulder. Maybe a cat would be an idea, in the future. "Does she like people?"

"Only if she can trust them," Tori replied. "I think she'd like you, Lita." After all, she already knows you in another timeline. Do the girls even believe this? Is she going to?

They climbed the stairs to the top, and Raye met them at the door. "About time you all showed up," she said. "Get in here, the tea's getting cold. What took you guys so long, anyway?"

"We had to distract someone so we could escape," Tori explained, as Raye escorted everyone inside to the meeting room. "It took some time, she really wanted to join us. Luckily, my cat still has her incredible timing."

"Will your cat know you're here?" Lita asked.

"She should by now, since we're staying here," Tori replied. "Anyway, we should get started."

Raye pulled open a window before taking a seat and gesturing for the others to do the same. "So you said we have a lot of news," she began. "What's this news, Serena?"

"Oh, right!" Serena started. "So we had this battle, right? It turns out there might be even more of us than we thought! We met this new girl, she calls herself Sailor Rainbow, and Lita here is a scout as well. Isn't it great?"

Lita held up the pen Luna had given her. "It's true," she said. "I guess I'm Sailor Jupiter."

Serena nodded. "Oh, and Luna gave me a wand," she added. "Hey, Luna? Am I going to need it that much?"

"Certainly," Luna stated. "Possessed enemies can be returned to normal through the power of that wand. Serena, it's a symbol of your leadership. Sailor Moon had a direct connection to the royal family, and as such, she was the one leading the scouts."

"That might be too much for the meatball head," Raye commented.

"Hey, shouldn't we give her a chance?" Lita asked. "She didn't seem too bad during that battle I was in."

Raye shrugged. "So what about this "Rainbow" girl, anyway? Did you get to talk to her or anything?"

"She enjoys trying to cause damage to enemies," Tori spoke up. "She doesn't seem to know when to stand down."

Serena stared at her for a moment. Had Tori seen the battle? Where was she during it? "You were there?"

"I watched it, yes," Tori replied. "I'm not sure we should trust her completely."

Be on your guard around the one in rainbow. That strange woman's words echoed in Serena's head. Something about the voice sounded so familiar somehow. Could it be?

At that moment, a cat appeared in the open window, climbing through and making her way over to her partner. "I would've brought the locket back, but decided it might just lead her to us," Keine said, seating herself in front of Tori. "Have I missed much?"

"Welcome back," Tori said, gently patting her on the head. "Serena was just telling the others about Rainbow's antics."

"How much did you see, anyway?" Serena asked. "Did you watch all of it?"

Tori nodded. "I would watch yourself around her, Serena. She could very well be an enemy."

Be on your guard around the one in rainbow. Now the voice made sense. "The one with the wings...that was you, wasn't it? You said you were one of us, right?"

The others turned their attention to Tori, who paused a moment before nodding again. "I wasn't sure if I should get involved with the battle, so I decided to watch and see just what she could do," she explained. "I'll add my help if you want, but I won't get involved if I'm not wanted."

The girls turned back to Serena, who quickly tried to recount what had happened, the battle and the events around it. "So then this mysterious person showed up and told me not to trust Rainbow and she flew away with wings made out of fire! Tori, that was really you?"

"They don't call me 'Sailor Phoenix' for nothing," Tori answered.

"You always did like showing off those wings," Keine added, poking her friend's leg with one paw. "For dramatic effect, you claimed."

"The wings, and your hair! And your outfit!" Serena couldn't help but squeal. "You looked! Like you were in a movie or something."

"Did you even get to see her outfit, Serena?" Raye asked. "What does it look like?"

"Well, okay, I didn't get to see much of it, but it looked nice from what I could tell," Serena replied. "Hey, hey, Tori, could you show the others? So we can all see?"

Luna decided to intervene at this point. "Girls, this is supposed to be an important meeting, and I'm sure we have other topics to discuss," she said. "Perhaps she can join us during the next battle, and you can all see her as a scout then. Serena, remember that red crystal Sailor Rainbow used?"

"With the laser? Sure."

"There are six others like it, each in a different color," Luna explained. "In all, there are seven, representing the colors of the rainbow, and each crystal holds the spirit of a dark warrior once sealed away."

"So there will be others like Joe?" Lita asked. "More people getting hunted down?"

"Sadly, yes," Luna said. "It seems that the seven crystals have found bearers in this time, and the enemy will not hesitate to go find the crystals and take them by force. Serena, this is where your wand will be very useful. Not only can you turn the monsters back to normal, but there's also a special sensor inside the wand that can help track the crystals."

"So we can get to the bearers before they do?" Serena asked.

"Hey, wait a minute," Raye said. "Serena, you said that Rainbow got the first crystal and ran off with it! What if she is an enemy?"

"As long as we collect the others, we may still have a chance, right?" Amy asked. "Do they need the full set of seven?"

"We have to at least protect the people who ended up with them," Lita stated firmly. "We can't let them get away with hurting people like this."

The others nodded. "That's what we're supposed to do anyway, right?" Serena asked. "Since we're done with the serious stuff, let's eat!"

(Short chapter, but still, stay tuned for the second part.)
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