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BoRSS1 - Chapter 8 (Part 2)

(And we're back, here's the rest of this short chapter.)

The next day, after school, the group met at the arcade and Luna slipped off to go handle some important business. After all, she had news to share, and it had been some time before she last checked in. Making sure nobody noticed her, she entered a secret room and accessed the terminal she normally used.

"Central Control, this is Luna," she spoke, hoping the other end would respond. After all, there had to still be a signal, right?

A moment of static passed, and a voice answered her. "Password?"

There was only one thing she could think of, the same as last time. "I like tuna fish and field mouse pudding," Luna replied. "Still."

The static almost sounded like laughter for a bit. "What do you have to report now?"

Luna thought for a moment, trying to figure out how she could explain everything, before her answer. She went through the first meeting with Tori and her cat, the first crystal and Jupiter's awakening, right up to the end of the most recent meeting. There was no reason to leave anything out, after all. "That's where we are now," she said. "I admit, I have no idea if this 'Sailor Rainbow' is on our side or not, but we plan on being careful around her."

"You say you don't know who she really is yet?"

"Not yet, no. If she is an ally, though, she may find us and reveal herself, but if she's an enemy..."

"Sounds like things will be getting quite confusing," Control replied. "You will keep us posted?"

"As usual," Luna said. "Expect further contact as events unfold. Luna out."


"Tuxedo Mask." That voice again, the same one from the other dreams. He could never see anyone else, so was she talking to him? Was he alone with her, whoever she was?

"Who are you?"

"The must find the Silver Crystal..."

"At least show me your face!" Maybe if he could see her, he would know her.

"Dark forces are racing to find the crystal," she explained. "You must get to it before they can. Please, find the crystal and set me free!"

"But I--"

"Please," she repeated, before being approached by an odd colored light. "Before evil can reach it--"

Any further words were cut off by the light fully enveloping her, and then everything simply went dark.

Darien shot up in bed, panting and sweaty. Every time, that same dream, and every time, the same result. "She sounds so desperate, whoever she is," he told himself, climbing out of bed and heading for his window. "Am I really this 'Tuxedo Mask' person?"

He stared at his reflection in the window glass. "If she keeps calling to me, maybe I am," he said. "But what about that strange light? It's not just one color. Is that her enemy?"
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